Our Capabilities

  • DANGEROUS GOODS TRANSPORT NSW is a unique transport and logistics company specialising in the transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous materials, primarily in Sydney and New South Wales, but also to and from Victoria and Queensland. We are based in Western Sydney.  


  • We offer regular, urgent, and last-minute services within the Sydney metro area.

  • We can deliver to, or pick up from Victoria and Queensland and deliver to NSW, or to other states and territories. We frequently operate between VIC and NSW. Up to 32,000 tonnes. 


  • Our drivers are fully licensed to drive vehicles transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials


  • Our vehicles are licensed with the NSW Environment and Protection Agency for the transportation of "placard loads" of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Prime movers and vehicles carrying non placard loads do not require vehicle certification by the EPA.

  • We offer DIRECT (point-to-point) regular and urgent "courier" services within Sydney and New South Wales (up to one tonne.)


  • We have drivers with MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card) which is a legal requirement to operate at NSW ports, cruise ship terminals, and docks. From just a one-tonne ute in 2016 we have built a network with a fleet of light and heavy vehicles capable of transportation of hazardous materials from as little as 1kg, up to 32 tonnes.


You should never have to consider another transportation service for the transportation of dangerous goods in Australia than DGTNSW. We do it all. We do it properly. We are Australian owned and managed.  

Please explore our website for more information.